Our XL knitted alpaca scarf (unisex) is designed to provide warmth and style throughout the winter. Made from high-quality alpaca, this scarf is soft, warm, and lightweight, ideal for keeping warm with elegance. Its large size allows you to wrap it in various ways to suit your style. The unisex design makes it perfect for everyone, making it a versatile...
The knitted alpaca scarf (unisex) is a premium accessory for staying warm on cold days. Made from high-quality alpaca, it is soft, warm, and lightweight. This scarf is perfect for adding a touch of style to your outfit while keeping you cozy. Its unisex design makes it versatile, suitable for everyone. With its knitted pattern, it offers an elegant and...


Discover our new two-tone ribbed beanie for men in 100% cashmere, an essential accessory for staying warm this winter. Available in three trendy colors and in one size, this beanie perfectly combines comfort and elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to all your outfits. Choose cashmere for a timeless touch of luxury in your wardrobe.
Cashmere care


At Jardin Privé, we have developed our cedar anti-moth ball, which should be hung on a hanger in your wardrobe to prevent moths that love cashmere. The cedar ball emits a natural cedar scent, lasting for about a year. Find all our care tips in the care section.
Cashmere care


To care for and enhance your Jardin Privé cashmere, the comb will help you remove any excess material that may appear over time. Find all of our care tips in the care section.
Cashmere care


At Jardin Privé, we have developed our own laundry net specifically designed for your cashmere sweaters. We recommend using it to protect the fibers of your cashmere when washing in the machine. Find all our care tips in the care section.


JP BE3254
The "Wide Ribbed Beret" for women is made from 100% cashmere, providing unparalleled softness and warmth. This beret has an elegant and timeless design with a wide ribbed edge, adding a touch of style and texture. Its high-quality cashmere construction makes it comfortable to wear, perfect for chilly days or to complete a sophisticated look.


JP CAS3285
The unisex cap in 100% cashmere is an elegant and practical accessory. Made from high-quality cashmere, it provides exceptional softness and unmatched comfort. This cap, with its simple and clean design, suits both men and women, making it a versatile choice to complete any outfit. Ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your casual style.
Cashmere care


The Wool & Delicate Laundry Detergent has been specifically developed for particularly fine and delicate fabrics: it combines plant-based surfactants, rice starch, and natural essential oils for clean, hygienic, and soft laundry. For cashmere, silk, and delicate textiles, for hand or machine washing, it cleanses the fiber gently but deeply,...


JP CAS1989
This 'newsboy' cap embodies casual elegance. Made from 100% cashmere, it combines superior comfort with timeless style. The classic newsboy cap shape is elevated by the softness and quality of cashmere, making it an ideal accessory to complete your look with a touch of sophistication. Choose cashmere for a timeless touch of luxury in your wardrobe.

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To complete its cashmere clothing collections Jardin Privé also offers a wide range of accessories
: cashmere scarves , beanies, pashminas and cashmere gloves. You will find all the accessories necessary to
complete your outfit with elegance. Also don’t forget the gifts, the cashmere accessories are ideal for giving and
making your loved ones happy. Cashmere stoles, scarves or cashmere beanies , you will inevitably find an accessory that looks like you in our

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