Jardin Privé is above all a Parisian family home. A knitwear specialist for several decades, we create our collections in our design studio nestled in the heart of Paris.

We work hard every season to enhance the exceptional fiber that is cashmere to offer you unique, modern and quality pieces.

We put all our expertise at your service to offer you quality cashmere through modern and refined pieces.

Today, we are present in more than 400 points of sale around the world, our desire offers you our know-how.

Our manufacturing mainly comes from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia.


It all begins in Mongolia at more than 4,000m altitude in a magical and inhospitable universe, during the winter temperatures are around -40°C. To survive these extreme conditions, Capra Hircus goats naturally protect themselves from the cold thanks to their thick wool fleece to which is added a thin layer of down.

In spring, the air warms up, the goat moults and it is at this moment that the precious material is harvested. First by cutting the animal's hair, then by combing or shearing it.

Only woolly down is exploited, this down so fine, so soft and so precious.

This down will give us cashmere, each goat gives between 100 and 200 grams of cashmere, it will then take 2 to 6 goats to make a sweater.

Please note, only one mowing is possible per year! Our Capra Hircus are treated with care and gratitude because they are the ones that guarantee the beautiful quality of our 100% cashmere collections.

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