Adopt a cold machine wash,

Your cashmere will therefore be washed in a regular movement, unlike a hand wash where the sweater may be twisted or distorted.

A cashmere sweater, washed regularly, is a cashmere sweater that gets better and lasts a long time!

In practice,

Put your sweater in a pillowcase or a laundry bag to avoid chafing.

Wash cold, wool program, with a little detergent or shampoo, without any softener.

Choose a minimal spin (max 400 turns).


 Dry the garment flat away from any heat source.

If necessary, lightly steam iron, inside out and gently.

If necessary, brush your sweater with a cashmere comb to remove the pills.

Help, my cashmere pilling !

Yes, cashmere pilling because you don't wash it regularly enough!

Wash it often, after wearing it two or three times, as cashmere lint from being worn without washing.

Indeed, pilling is the excess material rejected as a result of the friction of the meshes between them.

Why ?

Pilling is a natural process that proves that cashmere is new and of good quality; just like when you just bought a rug.

In addition, in order to preserve the environment, our cashmere does not undergo harmful chemical fixing treatments.

So simply remove the first pills with a cashmere comb and the phenomenon will fade after ten washes.


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