Pulls fins

Round collar


JP PU3372
Discover our round-neck sweater in 100% cashmere, with a straight cut and side slits, ideal for all seasons. This sweater offers you an elegant and comfortable look for versatile looks. Opt for cashmere for a touch of timeless luxury in your wardrobe.
Discover our basic V-neck sweater, ideal to wear in all seasons, in 100% cashmere. This lightweight and versatile sweater features side slits for a modern and airy look. Soft, elegant, and comfortable, it's perfect for casual yet sophisticated outfits. Choose cashmere for a touch of luxury in your wardrobe.
Round collar


JP PU3370
Discover our boat neck sweater with slits, a versatile piece in 100% cashmere that can be worn both in summer and winter. Made with high-quality cashmere, this sweater offers exceptional softness and comfort. Slits add a touch of style and freedom of movement. Opt for this sweater for timeless elegance in all seasons.
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