JP GI3409
Discover our short-sleeved cashmere cardigan, featuring a front zip and a timeless oversized cut. This vest combines comfort and style for a modern and elegant look. Perfect for casual and sophisticated outfits in any season. Opt for cashmere for a touch of luxury in your wardrobe.


JP GI3410
Discover our stand-up collar in 100% cashmere, enhanced with an elegant two-tone design. This vest combines style and comfort for a modern and sophisticated outfit. Opt for cashmere for a soft feel and luxurious look in your wardrobe.


JP GI3445
Discover our V-neck cardigan in 100% cashmere, an essential piece of softness and elegance. This vest offers you a classic and comfortable look for casual or sophisticated outfits in any season. Opt for cashmere for a luxurious feel in your wardrobe.
Indulge in elegant summer style with our cashmere hooded poncho. Lightweight and airy, this poncho is perfect for hot summer days. Its relaxed fit and hood add a casual touch, while the luxurious cashmere provides unparalleled comfort. Ideal for creating relaxed yet sophisticated looks during warm summer days.


JP GI3333
Discover our pocket vest in 100% cashmere, decorated with careful finishing details on the pockets and sleeves. Soft, luxurious and versatile, this vest gives you a modern and sophisticated look. Perfect for chic and casual looks in any season. A must-have in your wardrobe for a touch of comfort and elegance.
Light cardigans


JP HO3303
Discover our women's summer hoodie made from 100% cashmere. Soft to the touch and ultra-light, this hoodie is designed to provide comfort and warmth while remaining breathable, perfect for cool evenings. Its relaxed style and fitted cut make it ideal for stylish and casual outfits.


JP GI1717
Discover our long shawl collar cardigan in 100% cashmere, with a comfortable straight cut. This vest offers you timeless elegance and a luxuriously soft feel. Perfect for refined looks in any season. Opt for cashmere for a touch of luxury and comfort in your wardrobe.
Discover our long cashmere cardigan, made entirely from 100% cashmere. This cardigan features a long and flowing cut, ideal for adding a layer of warmth and elegance to your outfit. Choose this long cashmere cardigan for a classic and timeless look, perfect for cool days when you want to stay comfortable and stylish.
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JP PO1365
This poncho combines the warmth and softness characteristic of cashmere with a modern and elegant design. The hood adds an extra touch of style while protecting you from the elements. Choose this poncho for exceptional comfort and a sophisticated look, whether for a city outing or an outdoor escape. Pure cashmere provides an unparalleled feeling of...
Discover our short V-neck cardigan with 5 silver buttons in 100% cashmere. This vest perfectly combines the luxury of cashmere with an elegant and modern design. Silver buttons add a touch of sophistication to this vest, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or to add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfit. With its cropped cut and V-neck,...


JP GI1336
Discover our 100% cashmere cardigan, 2-ply, with a fitted cut, a piece combining comfort and elegance. Soft, luxurious, and versatile, this cardigan provides you with a modern and sophisticated look. Perfect for chic looks in any season. Choose cashmere for a touch of luxury in your wardrobe.
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