The Private Garden quality guarantee

Our cashmere is made in Mongolia.

We have chosen our local partners for their ancestral know-how and their ISO 9001 certification (quality management).

Our products are made entirely with grade A cashmere.

This corresponds to the best fibers selected when harvesting Capra Hircus goat down. That is to say a long and fine hair which makes the quality of our products.

Our knits are tight, regular and soft but not too much!

Beware of a touch that is too soft and silky: it will be more likely to poke and lose its shape. A fluffy surface suggests that the yarn comes from a shorter and less solid fiber: the sweater will fluff much more.

A quality cashmere will not necessarily be pleasant to handle new, nor particularly soft to the touch, but will soften by dint of wearing and washing it.

Respect for the environment

In order to preserve the environment, our cashmere from Mongolia does not undergo harmful chemical fixing treatments.

The cashmere lexicon

The measure of the thickness of the cashmere is given by the number of threads twisted together. It is wrong to believe that the more threads, the better the quality. It just gives you an idea of how thick and warm it will be. The more threads, the thicker and warmer the sweater.

The gauge indicates the thickness or the fineness of the knitting. It represents the number of needles per inch on a knitting machine. In general, the more the number of wires increases, the more the gauge widens.

At Jardin Privé, our basics are 2-thread cashmere, 12 gauge, because they are perfect for our temperate regions. We also offer you 4-gauge cashmere 7 gauge models; ideal in the middle of winter.